Hana Šmidrkalová is a professional artist and art lover. The different and unique life path of each of us is what Hana is deeply interested in and what she has long been exploring and reflecting in her artistic work. "There are many paths to what is unchangeable and eternal, and each of them is an endless source of inspiration for me", says Hana. In her artistic work she freely moves across media (oil, acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, ink, itaglio etc.) and uses visual and linguistic playfulness and experimentation to explore the theme of sacredness in the realms od everyday life. She studies contemporary painting in the studio of Doc. Roman Franta and graphic art in the studio of Prof. Jiří Lindovský.

You can read more about how Hana works and what themes she reflects in her work as well as about her journey to art here:


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"The most important element of every painting is Love."